What's the difference between Web Design and Web Development

What's the difference between Web Design and Web Development

I am often asked: "Are you a web designer?"

And my answer is always "No!".


Because there are lots of differences between a web designer and a web developer.

A web designer will be skilled in the world of design, in the use of the full Adobe Creative Suite, and will usually come from a Graphic Design or advertising background.

A web developer will be skilled in the writing of computer code, like PHP, ASP, JavaScript and HTML. They will know about SQL and databases and about how to set up and configure a LINUX server etc.

Some of the best websites are created by a team containing both these skill-sets. You will have a team of designers, that create designs in CSS (and if they are worth their salt in CSS3!), and a team of developers who build the functionality for the user.

Web users HATE stuff that doesn't work and they HATE stuff that looks terrible.

It is important that your website both works well and looks good, this ensures your users will continually revisit your site.

Here at WebCraftNI.com we do both. We are skilled in the art of great design as well as the nut's and bolts of web functionality.

So when people ask me "Are you a web designer?"

I say "No! We design and build."

Our great track record shows that no challenge is too demanding and no design is beyond us!

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