Two new sites going live

Two new sites going live

Mr JoomlaBuilder ( that's me you know!) has two new sites going live this week.

(That's enough of the refering to myself in the third person...) &


The Stirling site has been a long time in the making. It is rich with vids and images, all with lightboxs. It has an extensive intranet for the staff, with a "YouSendIt" style feature for sending files across the net.

I had a hard job making the typography work and learned alot about hosting fonts on a site.
Since I work full time for Stirling, this site will be an ongoing process to keep up to date with new programs.

6Degrees is a site for the upcoming BBCNI drama series. It is being released in stages. Can't say too much at this satge! Right now it has a teaser video and nothing else! Get on their and share it round!



Next site goes live very shortly, and it's probably my finest work yet!

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