Why I dislike "build it yourself" websites...

I was sitting at home watching the telly with the other half and an advert comes on for "1&1". 1&1 is a site where you can build your own website by replacing generic text with your own, and choosing a colours from a drop down menu.

You might think that my dislike of these systems is obvious, they take business away from me and people like me...

That's only one of the reasons. And it's not even nearly the most important one!

I love great design. You love great design (Even if you say you don't care). Everyone loves great design. We can't help it. Steve Jobs knew it. Stephen Fry knows it. SIR Jony Ive knows it. SIR James Dyson knows it. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the super talented designers out there who slave to bring us the very best in webdesign. They make our on-line experience beautiful, functional, and worthwhile.

We don't use websites that don't look the part. Most of us no longer trust an e-Commerce sites that look the same as they did in 1999. If Amazon.co.uk switched back to it's 1999 layout, it would loose 50% of it's customers overnight.

That's how important good design is.

And that's why I implore you, for your own sake and that of your business, go to a good webdesigner and get your site done properly. Even if you choose to go with someone else, (have a look at my portfolio first tho, while you're here!) at least you'll know that your site will have the TLC it desrves.

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