Why Apple should drop their relentless pursuit of Samsung in Courts

Why Apple should drop their relentless pursuit of Samsung in Courts

As some of you might know we are in the age of the Patent Wars. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Samsung etc have drawn their battle lines and aimed their lawsuit warheads squarely at each other.

In the latest in the long story of this war, Apple have won a small battle against their tablet rivals Samsung. Or have they? Yes, Apple have successfully used the US courts to prevent the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but I think Apple need to stop and think before continuing their pursuit of Samsung in the courts.

By making this device unobtainable, Apple have just rocketed it's appeal. As a kid, you always wanted what your parents told you you couldn't have and with this ban, Apple risk doing the same with the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

As a Mac user and someone who's on the market for a tablet computer, I wouldn't normally think twice, I'd just go for the iPad. And that's exactly what I was going to do. Call me a "fanboy" if you want...

But while reading that Guardian article, I realised that I suddenly became interested in the Galaxy Tab. Simply because I was curious to know what was spooking Apple so much. If Apple are worried about it, maybe there's something to it? I wonder how many in the Us are feeling the same?

My other overwhelming feeling was, "How dare Apple prevent me from getting whatever product I want!". Ignoring the fact that this shows me completely bought in to the capitalist consumer society, it really shouldn't be up to them what we can and can't buy.

The point is people like choice and by trying to outdo each other in the courts, tech companies are undermining the very thing that drives their innovation, the 'vote-with-their-cash' customers. If you make your product better than the other guys, you'll do better. Simple.




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