Responsive Design is more than just moving modules.

Responsive Design is more than just moving modules.

Responsive design. It's all well and good. Your site adjusts to the screen size, and your users get a good mobile experience, without having two or even three separate websites. But truly mobilising your site takes more thought.

Why would someone view your site on their mobile? What info do they need? What do you want to offer them and why are they different from your desktop computer users?

Tablet users? What do they need? What's the best way to interact with them?

All these questions need consideration when venturing into responsive design.


What is responsive Design?

First off let me give you a quick run down of what responsive design is.

Responsive design is a design technique for webpages that allow a webpage to rearrange itself based on the size of the screen displaying it. Modules and widgets rearrange so that nothing gets too squashed and small on a smaller screen, meaning mobile users get a good viewing experience when visiting your website.

This solved many problems for website owners. For one it solved the problem I described above, the proper display of the website. But another, perhaps bigger, problem that this solved was the need to have a separate, dedicated site for mobile.

Most large, modern websites now use a Content Management System (CMS) of some kind, whether it be the open source Joomla or Drupal or any of the 1000's of commercial ones that are available. To have the same CMS service content for two separate sites, a normal desktop computer website and a separate mobile one, was an extremely difficult thing to do and required a lot of extra administration time, skill and lot of effort.

Responsive design cured this in one go. Simply having a design or template capible of responding to any screen width meant that you needed only one site, and that site worked on any device.


But that's not the end of the story. You have to ask why a user would choose to use their mobile to search for your site.

Usually a person using their phone to view your website is looking for specific information; a phone number or your address, a quick product price look up, or even a quick fact to settle an argument!

We at WebCraftNI set about creating your site with these things in mind. That's why we use PHP technology to present the relevant information to mobile users based on analytics data and good practice. We are able to present your business telephone number clearly at the top of the page on a mobile device and a link to the devices map app for easy location search.


Extensive analytics data has shown us that tablet users, iPad and Android, tend to use their tablets as they would use a desktop computer. However tablet users tend towards using their devices for online shopping.

That's why our e-commerce solutions are designed to fit the iPad screen so effectively. We can make your users iPad shopping experience good enough to drive sales. We use simple user-friendly interfaces that will make your users shopping experience enjoyable and easy.


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