How WebCraftni can help your business

How WebCraftni can help your business

If you're a business owner and you want to get yourself online there are many way can help you. In this article we take 3 different business examples and show how you can easily and affordably get your business online and making money.


If you're in retail or a are running a small retail-style home business and you want to start selling your products online, can get your shop set up and selling in no time. there are many different e-commerce packages available, some good - most bad. We have the expertise to recommend the right package for you, whether that be a Joomla install with VirtueMart, or Megento we can help you get online and get selling.

What makes our e-Commerce packages differ from the competition is we are also PHP programming experts. PHP code allows you to tailor content to each individual user, in much the same way does. What this means in practical terms is - you can recommend products to your users based on their gender, age, location, their previous purchases etc.

This personalisation is what makes our e-Commerce package second to none.

We will guide the entire process, from getting your domain and hosting, to uploading all your product line, organising sections and pages, designing a slick user friendly site that users can trust and we will set up all your PayPal and Credit Card systems from scratch. The process really couldn't be simpler.


Industry/Professional Membership Site

Many professional bodies and membership companies have asked to build great sites that serve their members excellently. With Joomla and PHP we can implement some fantastic features that will delight your membership, from personalised content, membership structures, and content publishing, we can really make your site have some value to your members.

Our websites not only offer a user sign up payment process, you can also sell user levels, and therefore sell access to certain content. This is perfect for any business that sells multimedia - photographer, film makers and musicians.

Why do you think we have so many of these types of businesses on our portfolio!?!? :)


Web App or Community

At we are experts at the PHP scripting language This allows us to build custom web applications that actually 'do' things. So if you need your website to offer your users an online tax return app, or a golfing score app, we can deliver!

If you can think of it, we can build it. PHP uses database data, so if you need to extract real analysis from your company data then our scripts can do that.

If you own or run a community - a sports team or society or a social club, our community apps will help grow your members and help bring your community closer. They allow you to communicate easily with your members and show a professional public image to your club while offering members the best experience.



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