5 Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

5 Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

1    Do You Understand What I Want?

You really need to ask yourself this first. Have a look at other websites and see what sort of thing you’re looking for and how you’d like your website to appear. It’ll be easier to articulate your website wishes to a designer if you’ve got examples to show them. They should then understand the sort of thing you’re looking for.

At WebCraftNI we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to what you tell us before we go off and come up with some ideas. The listening comes first because the customer comes first.

2    Do You Want To Work For Me or With Me?

Do you want a one-off website build or are you looking for a long-term relationship with the web designer? They should be personable, understanding, approachable, authoritative and helpful – you should feel an empathy with the designer, but also make your decision once you’ve met with at least three and been able to chat over your ideas.

We’re happy to take the lead if you ask us to – many companies just want to hand their website over to us and get on with what they do best, serving their own customers. Others want to have full control of the site. Either way – if you’re happy, we’re happy.

3    Do They Have A Portfolio/Testimonials/Their Own Website?

A web designer who has been in the trade for years may have a wealth of examples of previous projects they’ve worked on and dozens of satisfied customers, but they could also be set in their ways and have settled for a cookie-cutter one-design-fits-all approach to their craft. A newbie might have no previous customers but could have some cutting edge software they can use. Either way, they’ll have a portfolio of previous work for you to look at.

Check out some of our previous projects from our happy customers here.

4    Do They Use Techie Jargon?

When discussing your potential website with you, a designer can show you examples of how HTML, Flash and CSS work, but if they keep name dropping then they’re there to impress themselves, not you. Make sure you arm yourself with jargon-busting questions like ‘what does that look like?’, ‘can you show me what it does?’ and the hardest of all, ‘what does that mean?’ If they can’t answer you in words you understand, move on. They may be a great technician, but they also need to be a good communicator.

Here at WebCraftNI, customer satisfaction comes first – for a free chat about your website needs, contact us here.

5    How Much Money Do I Need To Invest?

Note that this is very different from ‘how much does it cost?’ Just as you’d invest in new machinery or sales people in order to grow your business, your website is an open door for new and existing customers. A cheap-looking, production-line-produced home page can be off-putting for customers who are looking for an authoritative and personal relationship with you. And yet you don’t want to be paying for snazzy designs and trendy graphics that the web designer wants to put in but aren’t necessary. Get a quote up front so that you’re both reading from the same page.

WebCraftNI always provide three quotes for three different designs and budgets.

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